Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's time to share with the world.

You've stumbled across the newly opened blog of Vinci Ting, a 20 year old university student living in the heart of Montréal, studying English literature and East Asian Studies. As anybody fresh out of their teens may be, I am intrigued by many things and quickly lose interest in other things at the same time. But this also means that if something sticks for me, it's sticking for a long time. So rest assured, it is perfectly possible to at least grasp the concept of my character, although I can't guarantee that you will always be able to follow along.

I've been an avid blogger for years now, regularly posting detailed writings on my thoughts and daily life; however, I had kept my blog private so I could write without restraint and on any subject. But lately I've been thinking: there are so many passing thoughts that I come across on a daily basis, ones I wouldn't mind sharing with other people, and on things that maybe someone else other than myself might like to take a moment to muse at, too. So why not share them? Not everything has to be private; I can write about what I like as I usually do, and others can view it at their discretion.

I get the same two comments from anybody who visits my apartment: "Your apartment is so cute and cozy!" and "You have so many books!" Often, I like to take certain books out, read a bit of it, and put them back on the shelf- or maybe just on the table, since my dining table has basically been turned into a second book storage place. One of my friends recently reorganized my bookshelf for me so it looks more presentable. I've read most of the books on my bookshelf already, of course, and had put them there after I finished with each one of them, pulling random ones out again occasionally. It's not like the books I read are restricted only for personal viewing either, so I'm always glad to lend out books to other people who may also want to read them.

So I guess, like my bookshelf, a blog can be a place to store thoughts that I had bothered to write down, and pull them out again when I'm feeling nostalgic; but I also wouldn't mind if some of them were accessible to other people too. Just as the books on my shelf are meant to be read by many other people, maybe others would also be interested in the same things that intrigue me from day to day.

Mind you, I am a quirky sort of person. And quirky things interest a quirky person.

So to those of you who have asked me, "Why don't you do any public writing?", well, here you are. And to any readers new to the world in which my thoughts thrive, welcome.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your posts! I still have your Tombs of Atuan on my bookshelf hehe