Friday, November 12, 2010

Macarons have feelings, too.

Last week, I held a birthday tea party and my friend presented me with a beautiful box of macarons from Point G, a boutique in Mont Royal famous for just that. Seeing that I have a slight obsession with anything colourful and tea party-like, macarons were the perfect gift-- and, for the record, also incredibly photogenic.

I never really liked taking pictures of people; I very much prefer inanimate objects. They have feelings too. So I hope you enjoy this photo entry as much as I do-- just use a bit of imagination.

Aisle Seat

The Texture of Confetti


Fellowship of the Ring

You Belong With Me



The Land of Dr. Seuss

The Two Towers


Cliff Diving


Mumbo Jumbo

A Walk Along the Beach


It's food after all.