Friday, June 25, 2010

The times I enjoy most are the times that never change.

Yesterday wasn't the sunniest day, but still a relatively warm day. I was able to have lunch and coffee with an old friend of mine whom I went to both high school and university with, but had gone on an exchange program to Sweden to study there for a year. We saw each other over the Christmas holiday, but it has been six months since then and that is ample time to create many more new stories to be told.

I had a lovely time catching up with her over our meal, followed by coffee and cake. And to my delight, she gave me a "little" gift that she had brought home with her from Sweden! Well, if this was to be considered "just a little gift" as she had told me while handing me the package, the world would be a frightfully luxurious place then, too much for someone like me who delights in merely finding a dandelion along the side of a road.

She gave me a little polka dot vest, handmade and straight from Europe. It is so cute! Handmade things are amazing, and so I'm very sorry for the following pictures that don't do it justice (because I must admit, although the vest is adorable in person, it's not the most photogenic thing out there). And you must excuse my pink, Minnie Mouse bed covers.

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