Friday, April 2, 2010

Chocolate all year round.

Image borrowed from Paula J. Becker

There's a girl in my Japanese class who's been in my class for the past three years. She's a little loud-spoken, but on any kind of holiday occasion, she would never fail to bring in chocolate to hand out in class. Just yesterday, I was exiting the East Asian Studies building after class when I bumped into her just outside it. She was in class that day and had left before me, but was rushing back because she "forgot to give out chocolate Easter eggs to everyone." She then hurried to unzip her backpack, opened her pack of chocolates, and proceeded to give me and my friend (who had graduated already) one chocolate egg each before hurrying inside to catch anyone else who hadn't left yet.

I think it's so, so sweet of her :) She's a good girl.


  1. I think that by "loud-spoken" I know who you're talking about, minus the "a little." And if so, I offered her a cookie on Wednesday and she said no because she'd just brushed her teeth. :/

  2. I forgot to mention that I laughed very loudly to myself about this.